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Email: sonnyparlin at gmail dot com
Text or Call: 813.501.3023
Github: GitHub/SonnyParlin
Twitter: @sonnyparlin

Why hire me to be your technology partner?

I am a full stack web developer. I have worked for companies large and small, including RSA Data Security and Gartner. I've worked with many programming languages and I love learning new technologies. I currently work for a television station in a mid-sized market that receives 500k unique visitors and more than 3 million page views per month. I have also been the lead developer on a multi-million dollar website launch.

But I also understand the needs of personal and small business sites, including ways to get noticed in a highly competitive SEO market. I spend a lot of time learning about new and emerging web and mobile technologies, which I write about on my blog. Not only is it my passion to learn these technologies, but I consider it an investment in myself and my future clients. I've only been in Tampa for a short time, but I have already built strong relationships with some amazing local businesses, including Gracie Tampa Schools and Fresh Start Law Firm. Call, text or email me today and let's talk about your project!

Note: If you are a developer looking for one of my projects, check out my blog or my GitHub account.